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Posted by Melissa1143 on 2:28 PM

I have recently embarked on the oh-so-fun journey of trying to get exposure for my photography. I used Flickr quite a bit and I was able to get published from that. I am eagerly awaiting my copy of the publication. I, of course, made no money on it but figured it was a good way to get myself out there. I don't want to do this professionally, but a little extra income would be nice. I found another website where people can find your artwork and the company prints everything and ships for you. I'm currently holding off on this since it's $30 to have this option available. I'm waiting to see if anyone would want to purchase it first. I think a lot of people like to think they can take great photos or do something artsy fartsy. For me, I think I just like giving people another perspective on the world - just like my blog.

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Have you thought of putting up a photo or two on eBay just to gauge interest? Or maybe even Craigslist?

I should look into ebay - I love selling stuff on there. Thanks :)

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