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Posted by Melissa1143 on 12:40 PM

I'm from Michigan. My family is suffering just as much as everyone else. We work hard, support GM, and hope for the best. Then I find this article. Why would a GM employee not take advantage of their GM discount? I would love to see this make it on CNN.


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Have you ever been a GM employee? I have and so was my father. Back when my father was living I couldn't say exactly what hoops an employee had to go through to get the GM employee discount, but I do know that when I used his discount it took me about 2 months to get my car. When I was a GM employee I contacted several local GM dealerships to get actual quotes on actual cars in their inventory (from the employee dealer inventory site) and all I got was the run around. No one would quote a price and many didn't bother to even contact me when I requested they contact me regarding several vehicles on each dealer's site. Eventually I had 1 dealer contact me, but he wanted to set up an appointment, but the GM employee discount person was only available certain days/times. I had been without a car for 9 months and had just moved to a new city with no public transportation. As soon as I closed on my old home, I needed to get a car immediately. I did months of research. I knew exactly what I wanted. On the day I closed on my old home and bought my new one I went to a Honda dealer. There was no pressure, no games. When I showed them my GM employee discount paperwork they matched it. I'm very happy with my purchase. It wasn't like I didn't give GM a try. I did, but their dealerships don't like to bother with the GM employee discount unless it is their everyone gets the GM employee discount program. I think it is because the dealers get hit with a major portion of that discount, rather than proportionally sharing it with GM corporate.

I qualify for it because of family relations. This just further proves the point that GM is way off track. It should not be that complicated to get a car. It makes GM look bad that their own employees don't even drive their vehicles. It's not the employees' fault, it's GMs. If you can't even get your own employees into your cars, you have drastically failed somewhere.

(I was never attacking the employees - just the company. My comment, "support GM" was to stress the fact that I try to support the company but the company is making it difficult to continue the support)

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