The Embarassment of Past Posts

Posted by Melissa1143 on 11:14 PM

Looking at some stats for my page through blogger and I noticed that someone had read this odd and very boring post. I'm sorry if you just clicked on that. What I actually found amusing is the three movies that "I'm definitely going to at least rent" I NEVER watched any of them. After their release, I thought they looked like movies where I would rather dig my eyes out with a plastic spork than actual watch them. And seriously, the worst one IS the one with Duane Johnson. That movie was released at the height of his I'm-going-to-do-these-retarded-children's-movies-like-Arnold-Schwazaneger. First off, you may have made some kickass movies (Run Down, Walking Tall), but you will never be as great as the Arnold. And secondly, that shitty movie does not even come close to Kindergarten Cop. "It's not a tumor!" So seriously, Duane, go back to action movies.

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