Sledding Helmets

Posted by Melissa1143 on 2:01 PM

So a senator is trying to pass a law in Michigan making it required for children under the age of 12 to wear a helmet while sledding....not on a snowmobile, on a sled...down that little hill over there. Are you serious? First off, why is this the most pressing thing to bring to the legislature? What happened to the dying economy? It's all better now, let's talk about helmets! Secondly, what are you going to hit your head on? If you are out in the woods, obviously a tree, but who is going to go check the backwoods of Michigan to make sure everyone is wearing their helmet. Thirdly, can you imagine a police officer giving a parent a ticket for not putting a helmet on their kid - you would hear everyone say, "don't the police have something better to do?" It is the most useless piece of legislation ever. Maybe the senator who thought it up should wear a helmet during his ride on the short bus into Lansing.

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Hahaha. People like that senator are proof that there is no such thing as evolution... or that evolution just failed somewhere along the way. =D

Kinda makes you wonder if HE was out sledding and hit his head and said to himself "Dangit! Why wasn't there a law that could have prevented this?"

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