40 Days of What the Hell

Posted by Melissa1143 on 1:27 PM

I hate Lent. For those of you blissfully unaware of what it is, it is 40 days from Ash Wednesday (last Wednesday) until Easter. It's the reason we have Fat Tuesday, Mardi Gras, and Poonchkies (however you spell that, the browser suggests Munchkins, idiot). The real reason for its existence is for 40 days of sacrifice. Catholics, amongst other religions, give up meat on Fridays and then something they like to do for the entire 40 days. The point - sacrifice what you enjoy for God. That's all great and dandy, but this is what pisses me off. Giving up effing chocolate so that you can lose a few pounds during Lent is NOT a sacrifice!!! "Sacrificing" ice cream, smoking, potato chips, or pot doesn't count either. You don't get to use Lent as an excuse to renew your New Year's Resolution! It's about suffering, not skimming a few pounds off your ass in the process. The best is the fact that if you actually count the days there are 45 of them - so some people take this as - Sundays don't count and I can smoke a pack of cigarettes while eating my ice cream topped with chips and pot. Fantastic. That'll be fun to explain to God. "Well, I figured it was a cheat day and like I can really go 45 days without my daily intake of heart attack." Your religion is your religion, but don't rub your beliefs in my face and then pull this shit. Seriously. I'm going to Dairy Queen.

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