Bay City Man Dies

Posted by Melissa1143 on 11:19 AM

This happened about a month ago, but the controversy is still swirling so I thought I would put my two cents in. The summary of what happened is that an elderly man (wife died a few years ago, no kids) wasn't paying his electric bill in Bay City MI. The company came out and put a limiter on his house that acts like a fuse. You use too much power, it blows and you need to walk your happy butt outside to reset it. The 93 year old was found three days later by a neighbor checking in on him - he had froze to death. His house had ice on the inside of the windows and it was 39 degrees. Think about how much your hands hurt when you get really cold - it's about 10 times worth with hypothermia. That is how he died. Tragic story right? but as time goes on, it is seriously getting worse.
Come to find out, the man was a World War II veteran. He also had slight dementia, which means even if he did know what was going on, he would most likely forget on his way to fix it.
The electric company NEVER explained to him that there was a limiter on his house or what to do when it was tripped.
The worse part? There on his counter was the electric bill with the check in full paper clipped to it. You...have...GOT...to ....be...kidding...me
Not only that - he left everything to Bay Medical Center (a whooping $600,000)So it's not like he was broke, he just didn't have the mental capacity. But did anyone try to contact him? Did they stop to say, "hey, we are putting this little do-dad on your power source. Do you by chance have a check for us?"..."oh...I see you aren't quite all there mentally- I'll just let the neighbor know so that you don't die a cold and painful death."
Good job Bay City electric, you are all morons.

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You said it! The electric company could have come to the door, written a letter or something. It shows that our society is growing more insensitive to others.

I can't believe what a horrific story this is!! Wow. I hate this. Waah!

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