Funding the Stimulus Package

Posted by Melissa1143 on 10:40 AM

I came up with a great idea. Everyone is freaking out about how much it is going to cost us to do this stimulus package. Well, if you were watching yesterday while Obama signed it, you would have noticed that he used ten different pens. They're suppose to be used as memorabilia for those who helped create it. I have a better idea. Auction them off on Ebay. Who wouldn't want their own little chunk of history? This package could save the country - could you imagine what the pen it was signed with (by the first black president)would be worth? We could use the money to fund the plan. That chair he was sitting on? Ebay! What about the desk the stimulus plan was signed on? Ebay! The silly tie he was wearing? EBAY! Talk about stimulating the economy...this could work :)

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What you said sounds funny, but it is true. I am sure there are lot of people out there who'd be willing to pay millions to own those pens.

What a great idea:)
I think the money should go to pay off everyone's mortgages. Then we'd have oodles of money to spend to stimulate the economy!

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