There's a Fiesta in My Purse

Posted by Melissa1143 on 11:17 AM

Ever have one of those moments where one of the smallest things happen and you absolutely explode? A week's worth of stress comes flying out because someone didn't use their blinker. The next thing you know you've sent that car flying into the ditch and there is a 30 car pile up behind you. It's just that one moment where you can't take another minute and you explode like a bomb. I hate my job - not the way that normal people hate their jobs. I have to take Xanax in order to cope with it. After a week full of hell, I walked in on Friday determined to not let the job get me down. Went to my office, reached in my purse to grab my breakfast and felt something...funny. I pulled my hand out and realized that my yogurt had exploded all over inside my leather purse..........BOOOOOM!

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Yes! I remember getting a burger from McDonald's on a day like that. I got home, and sure enough they had completely screwed up my order. Rather than handle it maturely, I slammed the food into the trash can, yelled some obscenities, picked the food out of the trash can, and hurled back down again. Ten minutes later I was laughing, thinking "wtf was that all about?".

yeah, I kicked a chair in the break room and it went flying into a table. Then I started whipping yogurt covered pennies across the room. It was a bit less than professional.

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